Getting involved in the Student Union is not only fun and a great way to meet new friends, it also gives you important experience for your future career. There are a variety of things to get involved in within the Student Union, choose the one that suits your interest best.

As an active member of the Student Union, you’’ll get the opportunity to get to know interesting people with similar interests as you, and chances are you’ll make friends for life. You choose how much time you’ll spend on your commitment, but some things take more time than others. Union involvement also gives you valuable experiences, and you will always receive a certificate stating that you have been active in the Student Union. This certificate provides you with a head start when you finish your education and begin to look for a job, as many employers see it as a big plus to have engaged alongside your studies.

To make your choice a bit easier, we have divided the Union’s activities in two different parts. If you want to be involved in making important decisions both within the University and the Union, student influence and representation is your thing. For example, you can be a student representative in one of the university’s committees, improve your education as a course or program representative, or influence the Union’s work. Would you rather become awesome at planning events and activities, then student life is your thing. Take part in our fun events that range from soup lunches and student breakfasts to the Union’s annual festival and Music Pub nights. The only one that limits what can be done is you!

Would you rather put your involvement in any of the Union’s associations? Check them out here!