Initiation Weeks / Insparken

Join Festmesteriet and the Union for the initiation weeks!

Festmesteriet, who is a part of the Student Union, throws a two week initiation IN THE FALL SEMESTER for all new students at Malmö University. This to give every new student a chance to meet new friends, and get to know Malmö a little bit better. The initiation is for everyone, completely voluntary and without demeaning episodes.

As a new student, this can be the first great opportunity to get to know new people! To take part of fun and relaxed activities usually works great as an icebreaker. Insparken is for new students only and is entirely planned and executed by experienced students of the Malmö University.

During the Insparken you will be sorted into teams according to your faculty and then compete with but also party/socialize with the students of the whole university during these two eventful weeks in August/September. The activities are led by the fadders of your team and they can answer all the questions you can think of about the Student Union, university life, Insparken and Malmö.

To keep you updated on what’s happening during the Initiation, we suggest that you join Festmesteriets Facebook group!

Click here for the Insparken schedule! (Comes out in August)