Introduction Weeks & Insparken

At Malmö University, there are three introduction weeks: Tjuvkik, the International Introduction Week, and our very own Insparken.


Festmesteriet, who is one of the Student Union’s associations, hosts an awesome introduction in the fall semester for all new students at Malmö University. This to give every new student a chance to meet new friends, and get to know Malmö a little bit better. Insparken is for everyone, completely voluntary and without demeaning episodes.

As a new student, this can be the first great opportunity to get to know new people! To take part of the fun and relaxed activities usually works great as an icebreaker. Insparken is for new students only and is entirely planned and executed by experienced students of Malmö University.

During the Insparken you will be sorted into teams according to your faculty and then compete but also party/socialize with the students of the whole university during these two eventful weeks in August/September. The activities are led by the fadders and captains of your team and they can answer all the questions you can think of about the Student Union, university life, Insparken and Malmö.

To keep you updated on what’s happening during Insparken, we suggest that you go to and/or follow Festmesteriet Facebook page.

It is also good to join Insparken’s official Facebook group.

Schedule for Insparken 2021

Team building
Wednesday, September 1. 17.00-22.00
This day is for you to get to know each other and create a team spirit. You will learn in a new team song and play games. Place will be announced on Facebook. **

Hang with your gang
Thursday, September 2. 17.00-22.00
You will hang out with your team, pimp your overalls, t-shirts and socialize. Prepare for tomorrow’s city walk. Place will be announced on Facebook **

City walk
Friday, September 3. 17.00-02.00
You walk through the city of Malmö and collect points through various assignments for your team. After the hike, the Student Pub opens for booked guests. Gathering place will be announced on Facebook. **

Saturday, September 4. 20.00-02.00
Each team is assigned a secret theme that the entire team must follow. Prices will be available for different categories. The masquerade takes place at the Student Pub (20.00-02.00) for booked guests and at Ribersborgstranden (17.00-21.00) for the others.

Generals day
Sunday, September 5. 13.00-18.00
This is one of the calmer days but there is an opportunity to collect a lot of points for your team. You can drop in whenever you want. We are at Ribergsborgsstranden. **

Big games day
Monday, September 6. 17.00-22.00
The big games day is here! It’s time to play together as a team against the other teams in including “brännboll” and Ludo. We are at Ribbersborgsstranden. **

Finsittning #1
Tuesday, September 7. 18.00-02.00
This is one of two fine sittings we have planned. Tickets will be sold and you can only go to one of the sittings. More info on the other side. We are at the Student Pub. *

Finsittning #2
Wednesday, September 8. 18.00-02.00
This is one of two fine sittings we have planned. Tickets will be sold and you can only go to one of the sittings. More info on the other side. We are at the Student Pub. *

Soap football / water games
Thursday, September 9. 17.00-22.00
One of the most popular days at insparken is here, but with a new twist! Bring tough clothes if you don’t want to mess up your overalls. We will be at Ribergsborgsstranden. **

Captains day
Friday, September 10. 17.00-22.00
On this day, we generals have placed all the trust in our captains and its up to each team’s captains to plan your day. Place will be announced on Facebook. **

Last day celebration
Saturday, September 11. 10.00-22.00
After two full weeks, we end with a BBQ evening. Spend time with all the teams and melt down insparken before the Faculty Cup starts. We are at Ribergsborgsstranden. **

* We are at the Student Pub, no own food or drink may be brought in.
** We are at Ribersborgsstranden or another place outdoors, bring your own food and drink

International introduction week

The International Introduction Week is a moment organised by the University’s International Office and the Union association ESN Malmö (Erasmus Student Network). For more information, go to ESN Malmö’s Facebook.

Do you want to be a buddy or a volunteer and help out with executing the introduction week? Contact ESN Malmö:
E-post |
Webb |
Facebook | Esn Malmö

NOTE: all international and exchange students are of course also welcome at and encouraged to attend Insparken.


Tjuvkik, or “sneek peek”, are information moments organized by Malmö University for new students.
See more info at