Along with school stuff, you also need social activities. The Student Union Malmö offers a wide range of associations and student groups that are open for all members of the Student Union. You choose if you just want to participate in the various activities or if you want to be more active in planning and organizing the activities. It is often an excellent platform to learn more while you get to hang out with others who share your interests. PLEASE NOTE: in order to be a member of our associations and groups, you have to be a member of the Student Union first.

CanÂ’t find an association/group that suits you? Feel free to start a new one! The Student Union Malmö supports associations with facilities, IT- services and financial support. Contact our associations responsible at

Read more about our student groups further down. 

Alhambra - Muslim Association
Alhambra is Malmö’s Muslim student association. Alhambra organizes seminars, lectures and activities for its members. Everyone is welcome, regardless of religious affiliation!

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Facebook | Alhambra Malmö Muslimska Studentförening
Amnesty International Malmö University
We are a passionate student group committed to matters of human rights and social justice. We organise events, raise awareness and campaign with Amnesty International Sweden. We seek to engage both Swedish and international students in activism volunteering for human rights issues. All are welcome to join us!

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If Academ - Sports association
IF Academ is a sports club at Orkanen for members of the Student Union. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced athletes. You can choose from soccer, badminton, basketball, floor hockey, ice hockey and volleyball. But you have to be quick – the spots fill up quickly.

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Facebook | IF Academ – Malmö universitets idrottsförening

DSG - Dancing Student Group - Dance Association
DSG is a skill-sharing community of students that are interested in dance. Students teach other students the dances they know and want to share. The group hosts weekly classes with varying styles. DSG also hosts Flashmobs and connects you with Malmö’s dance scene.

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ESN Malmö - Erasmus Association
ESN Malmö is primarily for international students, but of course, all students are welcome! Do you like parties, games, food, traveling and meeting new people from all over the world? Contact ESN!

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Facebook | Esn Malmö
Feminist Association Malmö Union Student - FAMUS - Feminist Association
FAMUS is a meeting place and community for you who identify as a feminist. The goal is to increase awareness of feminist issues and its work is permeated by an intersectional perspective.The membership is a solidarity fee between 40-60 kr. Cash only!

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Facebook | Famus

Fenix Environmental Association
Fenix work with the environment as a starting point and aims to create a commitment to the environment,                                                         sustainable development and fair trade among the university students. See their Upcycling Guide and get inspired. Se deras Upcycling Guide och inspireras!

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Facebook | Fenix Miljöförening
Festmesteriet - Party Association
The purpose of Festmesteriet is to develop, expand, and support social events for the students at Malmö University. Festmesteriet is running the Student Pub, organizes parties, club nights, movie nights, and game nights.

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LGBTQ+ Students Malmö - Association with HBTQ+ related questions
LGBTQ students Malmö aim to be both a safe meeting point for students, but also a political actor that challenges the university when it comes to LGBTQ+ related issues. The association have an international focus so that as many students as possible can participate.

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Malmö Student Choir - Singing and choir association
MaSK is for you who want to sing and find new musical friends. MaSK gives concerts each semester and organizes social gatherings for the choir members!

Kom och sjung med Malmö Studentkör

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Mu Radio Radio - Radio association - Resting and can be activated again
Do you want to restart this? Contact the Union!
Malmö University’s only radio station! Have their own room and accessibility to podcast equipment.

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Facebook | Mu Radio Radio

Social Salong - Resting - Association targeted to social worker students
Do you want to restart this? Contact the Union!
Social Salong is mainly directed towards social work students. The goal of the association is to broaden, deepen and promote issues regarding social work.
Föreningen är vilande och kan övertas av nuvarande studenter.

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MAUS - Gaming Guild - Board Game Association
The Gaming Guild is an association aiming for unity and fun with classic and new board games.

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Facebook | Spelgillet
Association of foreign affairs - UF Malmö
UF organizes seminars where politicians, academics, diplomats and journalists are invited to share their experiences and knowledge in the international political arena. UF also organizes Pub Quiz, movie nights, trips and debate clubs.

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SUM - Student Union Magazine - The Union's own magazine
SUM is the Unions magazine. SUM publish 4 issues / year at around 5000 copies each. SUM is sent home to all Union members.

In SUM, student related news are mixed with articles about the student life and interviews with cultural celebrities. Do you have ideas about what we should write about in SUM? Or do you want to contribute to creating SUM by writing, photographing, or illustration? SUM is created by students and members of the Union is welcome to contribute regardless of previous experience. Contact SUM at or join the editorial Facebook group. 

No previous experience needed. Everyone is welcome!

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Read SUM online |Issuu

Student Groups

If you do not have all the details ready to start an association yet or need to try a concept, you are welcome to start a student group with us instead. It is then required that you sign a contract with the Union. During this year, you are entitled to funds for coffee for your activities and will be assisted by the office to spread information about the group. A group started by students is given the chance to strengthen their involvement, though on a more informal level than in an association.

Studentgruppen Gripen
Gripen is for you who are interested in the political and philosophical discussions around the University, Malmö and the world. With a foundation in the more liberal and conservative traditions we are a more “politically to the right” student group but we welcome everyone who wants to have a discussion concerning our future.

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