Here we have compiled the most common questions we get. You are welcome to the reception desk to talk to us too!

If you have any questions about student life, please contact

How do I become a member and what does it cost?
The fee is 79kr / semester and you register easily online. Read more on Become a member.

How do I pay the Union fee?
You can easily pay the fee via your internet bank or debit card. Click here and log in with the login details you received via your welcome-email or on your Union carrier that is sent to your home. If you have not received these, you can email your name and your social security number to

When do I get my Studentkortet STUK/Mecenat Card?

You will receive your digital student id 1-2 days after you have registered and payed the membership fee. There are two companies on the market that administers student id, The Student card STUK and The Mecenat card. You get both and both are equally valid but includes different discounts. However, you can use both to get a discounts on the national railway. For the local busses and trains with Skånetrafiken you need to have the travel-symbol at your digital card.

Can I get a certificate?
Yes, you can, you can get a travel certificate via Mecenat but this certificate is only valid for travel with SJ. Other discounts you need a digital card for. The digital card will be given 1-2 days after you pay your card fee and are registered for your course / program.

Here you can see if you have the correct symbol on your Mecenatkort to go with a student discount on Länstrafiken, for example. SL, UL, Västtrafik or Skånetrafiken. Then you can show your permissions on ticket control using the Mecenat app.

How do I get a discount on Skånetrafiken and SJ?
You are entitled to a discount at Skånetrafiken depending on the rate of study and how many points you are studying, see more information about the discount on Skånetrafiken’s website. Everyone, regardless of the rate of study has the right to SJ’s discount. More info on SJ’s website.

Is it enough to notify the university when I change my address?
No, you must also notify the Student Union Malmö when you change address. Your new address can be mailed to You can also change your address by logging in here with the number and PIN you received via your e-mail.

I have paid for the entire year but my digital card says it’s valid for the fall semester, why? 

No worries, when the semester shifts, (last of February to Mecenat and Studentkortet STUK) your digital card will switch to the new semester automatically.

How do I do to get an ISIC card?
If you are interested in obtaining an international student card (ISIC card) for your trip abroad, you can find information on how to go to or Kilroy.