Student Influence FORUM

Do you want to join the boards at your faculty and decide how the campus will look, what teachers to employ, how your education will be structured and much more? Then you need to visit Student Influence FORUM.

What is Student Influence FORUM?

The Student Union have representatives in all committees, groups and bodies at Malmö University. The Union appoints representatives to these committees at five different meetings, called Student Influence FORUM. Student Influence FORUM gives you as a student the opportunity to directly influence who is hired, what programs and courses are started etc.

To sit in the university area and faculty boards, you must make sure to be on your faculty’s Student Influence FORUM.

When and where is Student Influence FORUM? 

The dates for 2019 are:

KS (Culture & Society): 19/9 at 16.00 in Niagara in room 0306

TS (Technology & Society): 19/9 at 16.00 in Niagara in room 0311

LS (Teaching & Society): 17/9 at 16.00 at Orkanen in room C127

HS (Health & Society): 18/9 at 16.00 on HS in room U:208

Central FORUM: 23/9 kl 16 Central Forum i Kårhuset

Go to Student Influence FORUM at your faculty and find out what it is all about and get elected!

For more info, contact your Student Representative.