Student Group

If you do not have all the details ready to start an association yet or need to try a concept, you are welcome to start a student group with us. Then it is required that you sign a contract with the Union. During this year, you are entitled to funds for coffee for your activities and will be assisted by the office to spread information about the group. A group started by students is given the chance to strengthen their involvement, though on a more informal level than in an association.

What is required of the student group?

  • To start a student group, you must be a member of the student union Malmö. However, the participants in your student group don’t need to be members.
  • The student group should be party-politically, trade union and religiously unattached.
  • The student group should be open to all students.

What does the student group get from Student Union?

  • Promotional materials such as flyers and posters can be printed free of charge by the student group with the help of the Union communicator David. However, the communicator does not help to produce material.
  • When it comes to spreading and visibility, the Union’s own events and the associations’ events are prioritized. There is still the possibility for a student group to be seen via the Union’s channels to the extent possible.
  • The student group has the opportunity to be part of Coffee with the Union.
  • SEK 300 / semester for Fika – coffee can be supplied by the Union.
  • Possibility to book meeting rooms and premises at the university and in the offices of the Union.


Can’t find an association that fits your taste? Would you like to share your interests with other students at Malmö University? Then the answer is simple… start an association within the Student Union Malmö!

Six simple steps to start a new association:

  1. Contact the Student Union Malmö’s association manager and book a meeting:
  2. Decide who should be the chairman and treasurer of the association.
  3. Write the statutes (there is a crib for the statutes), operational plan and a budget. Ask the Student Union’s association manager to check them.
  4. The association is welcomed to a board meeting where the board decides whether your association proposal should go to the Student Union’s Council (FUM).
  5. If even FUM says YES then the association status is arranged!
  6. Time to start fulfilling your fellow students’ leisure time.

An association within the Student Union Malmö gets help with…

  • Workspace in the KĂĄrhuset
  • Booking of rooms / rooms at Malmö University
  • Finance – associations can ask (äska) for money from the Union for the business
  • Posters, flyers, website, email address
  • Advice and support through the association manager
  • Spreading of events in the Union’s social channels
  • A spot in the newsletter the Toilet Paper every month
  • In addition, you promote the study-social life of all students!

For more questions regarding association status or the procedure for creating new associations within the Student Union Malmö, contact