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NOTE! An email from Mecenat and the Student Card will be sent 1-2 days after you have registered for your program/course (see when registration opens via the university), even if you have registered with the Student Union before then.

By becoming a member of the Student Union Malmö you can do whatever you want. All our student associations are full of activities and fun. You can get engaged in your studies and influence the university with your own ideas.

Becoming a student union member has many advantages. You will be represented on university committees and bodies and can get personal support if you have any problems with your studies. What’s more, you also get a student ID (Student & Mecenat card), local discounts and great offers.

Last but certainly not least, all our members receive free coffee or tea and cookies in our union building during our opening hours. The more members, the better the work of the Union can be.

So to boil down all the fun of becoming a member of the Student Union Malmö, here are seven reasons to become… well, a member:

  • You ensure that your education and Malmö University are reviewed and of high quality.
  • You get personal support if you have problems with your studies.
  • You always get free coffee/tea and cookies in the student union building during our opening hours
  • You get both local and national student discounts
  • You can join one of our student associations and student groups. Why not start your own!
  • You can join a section for your particular program. Or start one up if it doesn’t exist.
  • And you’ll also be supporting the work of students for students.

How do I become a member?

If you are a new member of the Student Union Malmö and have never been registered in the Student Union Malmö before, you can easily register yourself here. You can then pay the fee via your internet bank or your bank card.

If you are, or have previously been, a member of the Student Union Malmö, you can renew your membership yourself via the button below. You log in with the avinummer and pin code that you received in your e-mail and/or on your membership fee notice and pay via your online bank or with your bank card. Have you not received an email or a notice with your login details? Press “forgot password” under login on the links below and you will receive your login details by email or send an email to with your date of birth and we can help you.

What does it cost?

It costs SEK 99 per semester to become a member or SEK 198 for a full-year membership (can only be purchased during the fall semester).

How to get the Mecenat Card and Student Card (STUK) on your mobile

  1. Become a member of the Student Union (click on the button at the bottom, regardless of whether you have been a member before or not)
  2. Once you have become a member and registered for your course/program, an email will be sent to you after 1-2 days (make sure you have entered the correct email address).
  3. Download Mecenat and the Student Card (STUK) app to your mobile. 
    Mecenat for iPhone
    Mecenat for Android
    Student Card (STUK) for iPhone
    Student card (STUK) for Android
  4. Activate the card on your phone by following the instructions in the email. These are the same login details that you use when you log in to or
  5. Now your digital card is ready to use. You can use your membership card in your phone to get discounts, benefits and admission to the Union’s events.

NOTE! If you don’t receive an email after becoming a member, it may be due to a wrong email address. In that case, please contact us and we will change it to the correct e-mail address.

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