Housing is a topic that the Union are working hard on to improve. Here we gather all information and show our work and our involvement about housing. Among other projects The Student Union of Malmö, will share housing stories of humans of Malmö University. For sharing with the university and Malmö Stad to improve the housing situation.

Student Union Malmo´s position paper about housing, 13 december 2017.

Find housing

Find a place to stay, the Union can help students with housing in different ways, take a look at our housing-tips here. For a temporary solution in the beginning of the semester when it often can be though to find a place to stay the Union have the Sofa Project which you can read more about here.


Housing Policy

Feedback from Coffee with the UnionWhat are your opinions about housing in Malmö? October 2017

Feedback from Coffee with the Union: Have you had a tough time finding an accommodation in Malmö? October 2017

Coffee with the Union. Topic: Housing for students. October 2017

Tips från Kåren – vart ska du bo som student?




Housing stories from students at Malmö University

Share your own story with us in this document! Or email to: inforum@malmostudenter.se

Att halva ens CSN ska gå till hyran är inte okej” October 2017

I am on the verge of a breakdown” September 2017












Pontus Källström, kårordförande, “Efterlyses: Bostäder och bra pedagoger”. Sydsvenskan 261017

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