Malmö is not your typical student city, which is also noticeable in the housing market with a relatively low number of student housing. Therefore, it is good to look for housing in Malmö with open eyes, you may not end up in a regular student corridor but in other alternatives such as a collective, private room in someone else’s house or apartment, second-hand apartment, tenancy or condominium.

We at the Union want all students who come here to have a wonderful study time with a stable point in life, all so that you as a student in Malmö should feel good, have a fun time and of course succeed with your studies. We have therefore put together a small guide to help you in Malmö’s housing jungle.

Don’t forget to sign a home insurance! If your things get stolen or break, it can help you a lot financially when you need to replace them. Compare different insurances here!

Find housing

Find a place to stay, the Union can help students with housing in different ways, take a look at our housing-tips on this page. For a temporary solution in the beginning of the semester when it often can be though to find a place to stay the Union have the Sofa Project. We have also taken over Malmö University’s housing site Hemma where apartments and rooms are uploaded by people every week.

Student Union Malmö’s own channels

Sofa Project

When the semester starts many new students arrive to Malmö. Many of them will not have a home when the semester starts, this because of housing shortages and long queues for student housing. To help these students and alleviate the housing shortage, the Student Union Malmö organize ”the sofa project“. We need your help to help our new friends.

Contact or read more about the project here.

Hemma – The Union’s own housing portal

Through Hemma ( you can find apartments and rooms uploaded by people living in and around Malmö. We at the Union always check up on the uploaded ads but you should always be careful when renting in second hand and never pay upfront! Read our guidelines at the website below.

Browse apartments and rooms at Hemma here.

Other ways of finding housing

With Blocket you can search for second hand contracts or rooms to rent.
Boplats Syd
Boplats Syd
With Boplats Syd you can sign up for 300 SEK/year to be placed in line for housing in Skåne.
With couchsurfing you can find a couch to sleep on temporarily.
Link to offer
Dibz is a platform that has collected 100+ housing queues in one place, as a user you can with just a few clicks join housing queues throughout Sweden. There are housing queues for ordinary housing and student housing, as users you get access to all and dibz updates your place in the queue regularly so you can relax. The service costs only 25 kr a month, but if you use this link you get 3 months for free!
Hemavi is Sweden’s first platform that only focuses on room rental and co-living. They use a matchmaking function to connect people who can best enjoy living together and have a strong focus on safety throughout the process. It is free to become a member of Hemavi, but signing the digital contract costs 149 kr as a one-time cost. It also includes secure deposit management & nbsp; to ensure the security of both parties,
Hyresvärdslistan offers a website that lists all tenants, private and communal in some of Sweden’s biggest cities. Instead of searching within each one separately you can see what’s available on all of them at the same time.
Contact Hyresvärldslistan here:
With Housinganywhere you can find apartments but mostly rooms with private landlords.
Malmö Studenthus
Malmö Studenthus
Located in Rosengård with 665 apartments this is Malmö’s biggest student housing. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the University from here.
Malmö University Housing
Malmö University Housing
Malmö University guarantee housing for tuition fee-paying students during their studies, provided that an application is submitted before the application period closes. For exchange students, housing is offered depending on availability.

Housing Policy

Student Union Malmo´s position paper about housing, 13 december 2017.