Sections provide you and your fellow students with a social life. Students have a need to know one another, to have the opportunity to share experiences. Sections are also a place to help your fellow students in their studies, and for them to help you. That’s what the Student Union’s sections contribute – In sections we build a society.

What do sections do?

Within the section’s area of activity, a section will participate in improving the students education as well as arrange social activities and activities that promote students’ studies and career opportunities.

This can include organizing social gatherings or get-togethers of other forms, such as graduation ceremonies, trips, sittnings, and more, where students can meet socially, as well as part of the kick-off week Insparken. They can have meetings where they discuss their education across program and year boundaries. Another thing is to have events such as guest lectures, seminars, career fairs, theme days, and more.

Sections are different from the Union’s associations by focusing on students that study at a certain part of the university, instead of focusing on a topic or type of event. All of our sections follow the steering document for sections.

Not sure what section you belong to? Contact the Union’s section responsible at or your faculty’s studentombud!

Our sections