The Presidium

The Presidium consists of a President and a Vice president and they lead the daily work at the Union. They prepare cases for decisions and represent the Student Union Malmö students in media.

Lilli Auginski
Union President

Address | Union house floor 3, Bass√§ngkajen 8
E-mail |
Phone | +46760 50 95 64

As the president of the Student Union I lead the daily operations and manage our work team. I represent students in various decision making bodies, advisory bodies and different committees at the central level of Malmö University. In those meetings I ascertain that students’ voices are heard and students’ rights are respected. Moreover, I am the chief occupational health and safety ombud for students, so I ensure that student issues brought up at a faculty level are being strategically discussed and taken into consideration. Furthermore, I am in charge external relations and strategic work, like housing questions, cooperations with the city, as well as driving student advocacy work.

Konstantina Klonari
Union Vice President

Address | Union house floor 3, Bass√§ngkajen 8
E-mail |
Phone | +46707 577 562

Student Ombuds

If you have problems with something related to your education, you can contact an ombud below. We are happy to help you, both with educational issues and things outside the studies. The ombuds have offices on the third floor of the Union House and in some of the university’s faculties.

Lisa “Liz” Hofmann
Student Ombud Technology and Society (TS)

Address | Niagara, Ground Floor
Email | 
Phone | 0707 577 569

As the student ombud for the faculty of Technology and Society I work with education monitoring and ensure the students’ representation at the faculty. In addition to that I am responsible for questions regarding digitalisation.

Arinzechukwu Onwurah
Student Ombud Culture and Society (KS)

Address | Niagara, Ground Floor
Phone | 0707 57 75 67

As KS studentombud I work with education monitoring and student influence at the Faculty of Culture and Society (KS). I represent students in several councils and boards at KS.

Sheikh Farid Uddin Ahmmed
Student Ombud Health and Society (HS)

Address | Malmö Hospital area SUS, Jan Waldenströmsgata 25, room U112
Email |
Phone | 0707 57 75 63

As the studentombud I help students with questions and problems connected with their education and represent their interests in various decision making bodies and committees at the Faculty of Health and Society at Malmö University.

You can reach out to me if you have any concerns about your studies and I will do my best to help.

Anna Jakobsson
Student Ombud Education and Society (LS)

Address | Orkanen, floor 4 room C429
Email |
Phone | 0707 557 568

As a student ombud at Student Union Malmö, I work actively with education monitoring, ensuring the quality of the educations and student influence at the Faculty of Education and Society. I also have the ultimate responsibility for student councils that raise important student issues, which can include issues related to the quality of education, your rights and obligations and your well-being.

Voluntary Board Members

Diego Annys

Loes “Lucy” Verdonk

Zinnia Lautner