Why the students need the Sofa Project

When the semester starts many new students arrive to Malmö, many of whom do not have a home. This happens due to housing shortages and long queues for student housing. The shortage of student housing is a big problem all over Sweden, but especially in Malmö. As our university is a young institution, the housing has not yet been developed to follow the demand of increasing number of students coming to Malmö. Likewise, last year the city of Malmö has been marked red in the SFS housing report. This means, for a student in Malmö, it takes at least one year before they get their own permanent housing. For student groups with special needs it can take up to three years to get accommodation. Not to forget, there are always students who drop out of their studies because they cannot find housing, and the number of dropouts is expected to increase if the housing situation is not resolved.

What is the Sofa Project?

To help the students in need of accommodation to have a smooth start to the academic year, the Student Union Malmö is organizing the Sofa Project. The purpose of the project is to provide a temporary solution for students who arrive to Malmö without a place to live. It may be that the student does not have access to their accommodation yet or have no accommodation at all.

The majority of the students arrive in Malmö in August and September for the fall semester, and this is when they need help the most. During the spring semester, this happens between January and March.

The Sofa Project is an intermediary service between students and the sofa hosts. We act as a intermediate between the students and the hosts and help with the most suitable matching between the two. The Student Union Malmö suggest the rent price. We can also answer any questions you have, and help as much as possible, but the actual lending is between the host and the student.

Frequently asked questions

How much rent should I charge?

We suggest SEK 500 per week. However, more can be charged if food and detergent are included in the rent.

Should I sign a contract with the student?

It is a good idea to do so. It makes it easier for both the student and you if you have clear rules about what is included in the rent, for example.

When do the students arrive?

During the fall semester, “Arrival Day” is organized for international students at the end of August. In the spring semester, they arrive in mid-January. Therefore, we encourage you to be available during these months.

Sign up here to become a sofa host

Sign up here if you need a place to stay

For more information please contact us at soffprojektet@malmostudenter.se

Tips for finding housing

Find housing – Mau.se
Hemma – Student Union Malmö’s Housing Portal