When did you last experience the theater, the opera, a concert or a dance show?

PLEASE NOTE: Secret Seats will resume operations again during the spring of 2022!

The tickets-links to each show are invalid at 07 a.m the day before the show due to administration on the companies’ side.

In cooperation with the Performing Arts companies (Skånes Dansteater, Malmö Opera, Malmö Stadsteater & Malmö Live) around Malmö, we offer our members at the Student Union Malmö tickets for selected shows and concerts for only 100 kr! Take the opportunity to experience the cultural world of Malmö. There is only a limited number of tickets for each event.

What is Secret Seats? 
When you book your ticket, you don’t know where you will be seated. It can be on a balcony or front row! A real ticket with a seating number will be sent to your email at the latest one day before the event takes place.

NOTE! Your membership in the Student Union Malmö needs to be strengthened at the entrance of the event. Don’t forget to bring your student or Mecenat card!

NOTE! The 100-kronor tickets are only available on this member page via the link through the buttons labeled “biljett”.

Below are all the shows from Malmö’s performing arts companies listed.