The Union award is the Student Union Malmö’s way to motivate, inspire and reward the students of Malmö University for increased engagement outside their studies.

This token of appreciation is handed out yearly to members of the Student Union, during a ceremony at the end of the spring semester. A total of 10 000 SEK is handed out between individual scholarships worth 2 500 SEK each and group scholarship (two or more) of 5 000 SEK. The group award is meant to appreciate a joint approvement work towards the student population. Every recipient is given a diploma with the motivation for their win written and signed by the president of the Union. Due to the lack of nominations, no group could be appointed. Therefore the award is parted in three ways for individual awards.

The award is meant to reward students who through their engagement outside of their studies have in some way contributed to a betterment for our university and its students. The prize itself is meant to be used as the winners see fit.

The awards were handed out during the Union’s Goodbye Festival on May 25.

Qualifying criteria

  • The student’s engagement has laid­ way for short- or long term improvements for the students of Malmö University. 
  • The student has been involved study-politically either at Malmö University or on national level.
  • The student has been involved within study social activities either inside or outside the University and the Student Union. 
  • The student has been involved outside the university and the academic world. Merit for the award is commitment that has affected students in Malmö and ’Malmö Student City’ in a positive way.

Winners of the Union Award 2024

The winners of the Union Award 2024.

Ylva Russberg


By creating an inclusive environment, Ylva Russberg has not only fostered a sense of community among students, but also acted as a catalyst for cultural and social integration. Ylva has ensured that everyone feels welcome and valued. Not a day goes by without her developing and driving student life forward. 

Moreover, her leadership has led to a noticeable improvement in the services and events of the Student Pub, which has had a positive impact on student wellbeing and academic success. This commitment to the quality of student life goes far beyond the ordinary and demonstrates a rare dedication.

In light of these achievements, it is clear that Ylva deserves the Union Prize not only for her commitment, but also for the way in which this commitment has enriched the lives of Malmö’s students. It is leaders like Ylva who shape the future of our academic communities and inspire others to strive for excellence.

Jacqueline Khonde


Shortly after starting as a fresh student, Jacqueline actively participated in FORUM, attended GPS course committee meetings and became a member of the scholarship committee at the central level. She has further contributed by joining the GPS section and implementing various beneficial programs that empowered the students, with a special focus on women and students’ social life.

She is constantly extending a helping hand to support social activities such as soup lunches, coffee gatherings with the Union and various Union events. She is also a councilor at the Student Union Malmö.

Despite her commitments, Jacqueline extends her helping hands, even at the expense of her studies. In addition, she has organized collaborative events with other associations within the Union.

Hadi Saghir


Hadi has served passionately in roles such as a Student Council Member, Formal Student Representative in the Course Committee and Teacher Proposal Committee for the TS Faculty, Digital Mentor, IT Support, and Amanuenses for courses in the programs of Systemutvecklare and IT-och-Ekonomi.

Within university governance, Hadi has advocated for student rights and ensured student voices are heard through his positions as the Student Council Member and Formal Student Representative. This is evident through his several key initiatives, including volunteering for the hiring committee of the new faculty prefect and representing students in the course plan the newest program Civil engineer: Computer Engineering at Malmö University.

In the realm of educational support, Hadi is especially known for his approachability and support as a teacher assistant and Digital Mentor at the Digihub. As a digital mentor, Hadi provides extra tutoring to struggling students and has facilitated workshops integrating various technology-focused programs.

As part of Malmo University’s technical support, Hadi’s support ensures a smooth technical experience for the university’s students. Hadi’s often overlooked contribution ensures that each student’s day is made. Additionally, Hadi plays a welcoming role on behalf of the IT department for new students on internationals’ arrival day and open days, such as Tjuvkik.

Winners of the Union Award 2024

The winners of the Faculty Cup 2024 are the faculty of Culture and society, who fought and scored the most points during the academic year. Congratulations to you!