Vi ställde upp vårt vanliga kårbord i Kølsvinet denna gång och bjöd på lyxig fika, gav ut merch och snackade med er om hur det är att plugga under pandemin.

Tack för alla som bidrog med svar på vår fråga “Hur var höstterminens första månad på universitetet?”

Här nedan kan du läsa era svar:

  • Det har delvis motsvarigt mina förväntningar, då jag lyckas fixa mitt första tenta, dock så har jag haft det svårt och plugga under de senaste tiden 
  • Confusing to switch to online classes
    – Agreed! Manuals/Youtube videos are needed
  • Good!
  • Lonely
  • Really good
  • Really well adapted for the cirumstances
  • Superbra
  • Kul att Niagara har öppnat
  • Väldigt opersonligt
  • Better than expected
  • Dåligt med (allt) online
  • Svårt att få tag på lärare via Canvas
  • Dåligt med uppladdade inspelningar
  • Very well!
  • Library open again, yes!
  • My expectations was that studying would be easy, just do the same thing while classes being online. But all the restrictions on being at school kinda makes me feel guilty when I need to go study there instead of studying at home where I just legit cannot focus at all. 

    It was really hard to get back into a routine with school being online. I really had to go through trial and error to find what suited me. But I can thank all university support functions: Studievägledare who helped me make a plan on who I needed to contact and what I should look at and helped me make sense of what courses to take and when; people at skrivverkstaden who helped me find a study technique that suits me and who told me that I should take more pauses instead of cramming  everything in 3+4 hours with one hour lunch in between; and the school nurse who helped me get structure in my day and who discussed healthier life style choices that support wellbeing. Without these three functions I don’t think I would have been able to built a structure. 

    One thing that is surprising me in the Zoom lectures is that it feels like the teachers have lowered their expectations of the students A LOT. I understand that they should give us a break because it is a hard situation, but I am not at all challenged by the lectures – I have read the course literature when I go to class, and what do the teachers do? Just go over the course literature. As if I wouldn’t have read the literature myself. I feel very underwhelmed, and that is why I am very happy to see my peer students with whom I can have academic and critical discussions with outside of the classrooms.