We set up our usual Union Table in K√łlsvinet this time. Here we gave out luxurious fika and merch and talked to you about how it is to study during a pandemic.

Thanks to everyone who contributed with answers to our question “How was the first month of the autumn semester at the university?”

Read the answers below:

  • Det har delvis motsvarigt mina f√∂rv√§ntningar, d√• jag lyckas fixa mitt f√∂rsta tenta, dock s√• har jag haft det sv√•rt och plugga under de senaste tiden (It has partly met my expectations as I managed to complete my first exam, however I have had some troubles studying recently)
  • Confusing to switch to online classes
    – Agreed! Manuals/Youtube videos are needed
  • Good!
  • Lonely
  • Really good
  • Really well adapted for the cirumstances
  • Superbra (Really good!)
  • Kul att Niagara har √∂ppnat (Fun that Niagara has opened)
  • V√§ldigt opersonligt (very impersonal)
  • Better than expected
  • D√•ligt med (allt) online (bad that everything is online)
  • Sv√•rt att f√• tag p√• l√§rare via Canvas (Hard to get a hold of teachers through Canvas)
  • D√•ligt med uppladdade inspelningar (Bad with uploaded recordings)
  • Very well!
  • Library open again, yes!
  • My expectations was that studying would be easy, just do the same thing while classes being online. But all the restrictions on being at school kinda makes me feel guilty when I need to go study there instead of studying at home where I just legit cannot focus at all. 

    It was really hard to get back into a routine with school being online. I really had to go through trial and error to find what suited me. But I can thank all university support functions: Studiev√§gledare who helped me make a plan on who I needed to contact and what I should look at and helped me make sense of what courses to take and when; people at skrivverkstaden who helped me find a study technique that suits me and who told me that I should take more pauses instead of cramming  everything in 3+4 hours with one hour lunch in between; and the school nurse who helped me get structure in my day and who discussed healthier life style choices that support wellbeing. Without these three functions I don’t think I would have been able to built a structure. 

    One thing that is surprising me in the Zoom lectures is that it feels like the teachers have lowered their expectations of the students A LOT. I understand that they should give us a break because it is a hard situation, but I am not at all challenged by the lectures – I have read the course literature when I go to class, and what do the teachers do? Just go over the course literature. As if I wouldn’t have read the literature myself. I feel very underwhelmed, and that is why I am very happy to see my peer students with whom I can have academic and critical discussions with outside of the classrooms.