We hosted coffee with the Union at your faculty in the sign of love and caring just around Valentine’s Day! You contributed with some awesome pickup lines and three lucky winners received movie tickets for their answers. A big thank you to Katya, Patrik and Ola!

“Are you a garden, because you yourself!” – Katya

“Are you a bug in my code? Because you make us work on you all night” – Patrik

“If you were a library book I would totally check you out”

In addition, we asked you what you thought Kåren/the Union should focus more on! This is what the students at Niagara responded.

We take all your thoughts with us during Coffee with the Union to our Council (FUM) to give you a voice!

Hello all members!
In the spring, it is time for the Student Union Malmö’s election! In the election, you can candidate for the Student Union’s council, or FUM, as it is also called. The FUM members meet 5-6 times a year and discuss and decide on the Student Union’s activities and other student-relevant questions! In total, we are looking for 19 people for FUM and the only thing that is required for you to be a candidate is that you currently are a student at Malmö University and a member of the Student Union. Did you know that you can also work full time at the Student Union? Then it is required that you be approved in the FUM first and foremost and then you can apply for the board and full-time places.
See more info on how to apply on our website ‘malmostudenter.se‘ or on our Facebook ‘Studentkåren Malmö’!

You can also candidate on this link directly:


Important dates to write down about the Union election 2019 are:
Candidate period 4-17 February.
Information meetings on candidacy 6 and 13 February
Voting is open March 11-24.

Vid kursstart är det ofta många nya kursböcker som behöver inhandlas och det tär på en redan tunn studentplånbok. Nu har du chansen att ansöka om Kårens litteraturstipendium ett presentkort på 500 kr som delas ut till 3 medlemmar vid terminsstart. 

Så här ansöker du:

Skicka en motivering på varför just du ska vinna till inforum@malmostudenter.se senast den 10 februari. Din motivering får vara max 100 ord lång, annars diskvalificeras ansökan. Glöm inte att ange namn och personnummer när du mailar. Märk mailet litteraturstipendium. Vinnaren kontaktas personligen av Studentkåren Malmö, och därefter presenteras vinnaren tillsammans med sin motivering här på malmostudenter.se och i Kårens sociala kanaler.


Endast medlemmar i Studentkåren Malmö kan tilldelas stipendiet.

Stipendiet betalas ut i form av ett presentkort på 500 kr som ska användas till kurslitteratur.

En och samma medlem kan endast få stipendiet en gång per verksamhetsår.

Vinnaren väljs av Studentkåren Malmö och beslutet kan inte överklagas.

Apply for the Unions Literary Scholarship

At the beginning of the semester, it is often many new textbooks that need to be purchased and it is putting a strain on an already thin student wallet. You now have opportunity to apply for the Student Union literary scholarship a voucher of 500 SEK awarded to three members at the beginning of the semester.

How to apply:

Send a short text of why you should win to inforum@malmostudenter.se before February 10th. Your text may not exceed 100 words in length, otherwise the application will be disqualified. Be sure to include your name and personal number when you email. Mark the email literary scholarship.  The winner will be contacted personally by the Student Union Malmö, and then presented with his/her motivation on the Student Union website.


Only members of the Student Union Malmo may receive the scholarship.

The scholarship will be paid out in the form of a voucher of 500 SEK to use for textbooks.

The same member may only receive the scholarship once per operational year.

The winner is selected by the Student Union Malmö and the decision can not be appealed.

The Union make you have FUN in your spare time

Hundreds of students work with different student activities in their spare time and there is a lot of things you can do. We also make sure that you get discounts so that you have money left over for other fun stuff. The Union also arrange cheap Soup lunches and Student breakfasts for you, also, you get access to the Student pub and club nights. Get more info about what to do in your spare time by checking out our associations and activities!