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About the award

The Union award is the Student Union Malmö’s way to motivate, inspire and reward the students of Malmö University for increased engagement outside their studies.

The award consists of a scholarship and a diploma and is meant to reward students who through their engagement outside of their studies have in some way contributed to a betterment for our university and it’s students. The prize itself is meant to be used as the winners see fit.

This token of appreciation is handed out yearly to members of the Student Union, during a ceremony at the end of the spring semester. There are two individual scholarships worth 2500 kr each and one group scholarship (two or more). The group award also aims to reward individuals for their group work, hence an already established association CANNOT be nominated as a group. The prize is divided however the group see fit.

Qualifying criteria: 

  • The student’s engagement has laid­ way for short- or long term improvements for the students of Malmö University. 
  • The student has been involved study-politically either at Malmö University or on national level.
  • The student has been involved within study social activities either inside or outside the University and the Student Union. 
  • The student has been involved outside the university and the academic world. Merit for the award is commitment that has affected students in Malmö and ’Malmö Student City’ in a positive way.

Motivations for the winners of the individual Union Award 2020:

Matylda Jonas-Kowalik

With many kind words, Matylda was nominated by not only one person, but two. Her engagement through the Student Union associations has proven valuable to students of Malmö and the Union. A feminist aspect is always present in her work which we think is admirable. We also see that her engagement is not limited to the walls of the Union world but reaches outside as well. Matylda’s impressive participation in both Malmo University’s academic and social life is proof of her firm intention to improve the lives of those around her without giving it a second thought.

Because of her versatile engagement, we in the committee are certain that Matylda’s Union award is well-deserved. In addition, Matylda has met all the qualifying criteria for the awards which makes for an even more confident choice. 

Chinomnso Onwunta

Chinomnso has shown exceptional character both within and beyond his studies. A Jack of all trades describes him well and his involvement with different associations and projects proves this. His passion for sustainability is inspiring and during his time of studies he has continuously highlighted the importance of being engaged as a student. 

We feel very confident in rewarding Chinomnso one of two individual Union awards because of his rich engagement for the students of Malmö University. The fact that Chinomnso touches upon all criteria for receiving the award makes this nomination very strong. 

Motivations for the winners of the Union Award for groups 2020:

Stephanie Kronvall & Peter Arvebro

To study is one thing, but to build upon the studies you are taking is a whole another thing. Peter and Stephanie have during the past academic year helped shape their program, which runs for the first time at Malmö University. The two have used a fair amount of their free time to improve conditions for current and future students and helped them get the best possible studies. They’ve helped tremendously with building a foundation for the students studying this program in the future with both economic and educational aspects. 

The nomination committee highly values the amount and extent that their work affects student both short and long term and study politically and shows how important student representativity is. We want to acknowledge this with rewarding them with the group Union Award.