Hello all members!
In the spring, it is time for the Student Union Malmö’s election! In the election, you can candidate for the Student Union’s council, or FUM, as it is also called. The FUM members meet 5-6 times a year and discuss and decide on the Student Union’s activities and other student-relevant questions! In total, we are looking for 19 people for FUM and the only thing that is required for you to be a candidate is that you currently are a student at Malmö University and a member of the Student Union. Did you know that you can also work full time at the Student Union? Then it is required that you be approved in the FUM first and foremost and then you can apply for the board and full-time places.
See more info on how to apply on our website ‘malmostudenter.se‘ or on our Facebook ‘Studentkåren Malmö’!

You can also candidate on this link directly:


Important dates to write down about the Union election 2019 are:
Candidate period 4-17 February.
Information meetings on candidacy 6 and 13 February
Voting is open March 11-24.