Welcome all students to fall semester 2019! We in the Student Union have been waiting for you since the beginning of August and now you are finally here! 

This semester will begin with Insparken, organized by our association Festmesteriet. Your studies though will begin too and you will be bombarded with a lot of information – but don’t worry, the information will be found after these introductions as well! We in the Student Union are here to support you in your time in studies, to make sure you have quality education and that you have a meaningful free time during and after studies. Make us your new best friends!

This year’s focus questions for us, on top of us monitoring the quality of education and safeguarding your rights as students, are mental health, engaging and educating student representatives, discussing pedagogy even more, and working in order to make our city more student friendly! We really wish to get your input in this, so never be afraid to voice your opinions or asking questions if wanting to learn more! 

We won’t lie, university is not going to be easy – there is a gap between high school and university. Nonetheless, there is support to be found, and we are here to ensure that. You will make a bunch of new friends and gain a lot of valuable knowledge. I truly hope you will enjoy your semester and if you have any problems, just let us know! Come to us in Kölsvinet at the Union house and let’s talk!