Hello and welcome back to Malmö University! We hope that you all had a great summer and are ready for a new semester! And of course, a warm welcome to all the new students who will start their studies this fall at MaU. We at the Student Union know that studying your first semester in digital form might not be what you expected but we are here to help you answer any kinds of questions you might have and we will try to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. The Student Union will remain open as usual, of course with some restrictions and safety measurements, but you can still come by if you have any issues with your education, want to study in our study rooms, to get a fresh cup of coffee or if you just want to talk to someone. In times like these it is especially important to remember to take care of each other and that’s why we’re here. Because united WE ARE BIG WHEN YOU FEEL SMALL!

At the Student Union we set ourselves different focus questions to work with each operational year. This year, on the one hand, we want to focus on our own visibility, which has become (and will be) all the more important during the current pandemic. Whether you are in Malmö or studying digitally thousands of kilometers away – we always want to make sure you know we are here for you and offer a wide variety of support, but also fun activities to help you build a social network! On the other hand, we chose to focus on the work environment of students, which has once again become a whole different issue during the pandemic. Here, we need your voices and experiences to map out and subsequently improve how digital learning works out for you! 

In our internal work, a whole lot has changed as well, as for the first time we are a kick-ass team of three presidials! We decided to enlarge the board and split the responsibilities in order to be able to offer even more support to you!
Hence, we have Yuliyan Konstantinov as the vice-president for education monitoring, a traditional pillar of our work. 
He makes sure that every decision the university takes that affects your education takes student perspectives into consideration and that your rights and needs are being respected.

But since your new student life is not only about formal learning, we also established the brand new position of the vice-president for study social matters. 

We need to hear from you in order to bring up your opinions, ideas and thoughts to all the levels of university, where all the decision makers sit together with us.

Therefore, Julia Buschmann is the creative idea-machine, who constantly picks her brain on how to offer fun and engaging events to all of you, no matter if you study on campus or from afar. Lastly, Lilli Auginski, the president of the Student Union, takes care of broader political and strategic questions and works for great cooperations with other universities and student unions around Scania and the whole of Sweden.

Malmö University has undergone a tremendous transition from physical to, for the most part, digital education. This transformation has introduced lots of new challenges for both students and teachers, but also brought a lot of new methods, tools and ideas on how to meet those new demands.  

In education, we, the students, are a crucial co-actor and need to actively express our opinions on it, so it’s gradually improved and adapted to our needs and preferences. Our job is to make sure that this happens and to secure all possible platforms for you to influence the education process. We aspire to achieve a symbiotic relationship with you as proactive students. Even though we might be students working for students, you are the ones experiencing the teaching and learning first hand. We need to hear from you in order to bring up your opinions, ideas and thoughts to all the levels of university, where all the decision makers sit together with us. This will greatly contribute to a better higher education for all of us – current and future students. 

Never hesitate to contact us by any means. We hope to hear from you!