Konstantina Klonari, vice president at KĂĄren

Endings and new beginnings….

Like each book, there is always going to be a chapter of your life that is going to end and that is going to start, yet even if those chapters are inevitable from not happening,  everyone always feels a tendency of  fear of what the new door that is going to open is holding for you. 

When I first started my mandate in the Student Union Malmö as the vice president, the fear of the unknown was something that often kept me up at night, the fear of not being able to predict what each meeting was going to hold or with whom I was going to meet and work with for the first time and yet, that new chapter  was one of the best things that personally happened.  

Despite the ups and downs of the mandate, I got the chance to meet many new people and become close friends with acquaintances that I never considered prior. I learned new skills, and how even if you struggle with something, as long as you truly put effort into it you are going to be able to succeed. 

But now, this year’s mandate is coming to an end and with that I have to say goodbye to many beloved members of the current board, people who I have laughed and cried with,  people who always had my back. Some are going back to their studies and some are starting a new chapter of their lives with a new job in another country. But at the same time, it’s quite exciting to meet with the upcoming board members that are starting their mandate, a chance to make new friends and new memories with a new set of minds. 

So with the old chapter ending and a new one starting, new chances are making themselves present and new storylines are beginning, with more physical events and hopefully new friendships that will be developed. 

But to my old colleagues and friends, goodbye and thank you for all the experiences you gave me and to my new colleagues, welcome to the new chapter of the Student Union Malmö and let’s make this academic year the best for the students of MaU.

Konstantina, Vice President at the Student Union Malmö 21/22