We went out to the faculties to meet as many students as we could, hold a competition, hand out yummy croissants and endless cups of coffee and above all to hear what you think is important when studying at Malmö University. The theme this time was Malmö – Student City of the Year.
Usually we have some questions with us at the faculties that we are curious to get answers to. Without you students, the Union is nothing and therefore it is extra important to get input from you as much as we can! We would like to thank you for all the answers and all the participation. See you next time November 16-18!

The yes/no question this time was: Did you know Malmö is the student city of the year 21/22?  

This is what you answered:

Orkanen: Yes: 33 No: 33

Niagara: Yes: 37 No: 25

HS: Yes: 3 No: 7

It’s fun to hear that so many of you know that we are actually Student City of the Year this year, and by the end of the school year, everyone will hopefully know. Being Student City of the Year is a great honor and a good sign that Malmö is growing as a city for students with each passing day. It also means the honor to organize SFSFUM – Council for Sweden’s United Student Unions here in Malmö where all Unions from all over the country come together.

Our open questions for Kaffe med Kåren October were: What do you expect from this year’s student city. What kind of changes do you want it to bring on Campus?

This is what you said:


Student pub/Party

  • Mycket fest / Lots of parties
  • Behålla puben / Keep the pub
  • Hålla puben öppen / Keep the Pub open


  • Support structure was basically nonexistent during COVID-19
  • Lack of contact outside of zoom lectures
  • Fokus på studenternas hälsa / Focus on students’ health


  • Bra studentpriser / Good student prices
  • Studentpriser på plan B / Student prices at Plan B
  • Billigare restauranger / Cheaper restaurants
  • Gratis kaffe varje dag / Free coffee every day
  • Billigare kollektivtrafik / Cheaper local public transport

Study Places / Locales

  • Bra tillgång på läsplatser och Aktiviteter för studenter / Good access to study seats and activities for students
  • Fler restauranger runt orkanen / More restaurants around Orkanen
  • Mera grönytor för en trevligare studie upplevelse / More green areas for a more pleasant study experience


  • Sprid ut Mau i staden! Studieplatser överallt! / Spread out MaU in the city! Study seats everywhere!
  • Mer event / More events
  • Bredare studentliv – sprid ut det i staden. / Wider student life – spread it out in the city
  • Mera samarbeten m. andra aktörer ex klubbar / More colabs with other actors e.g clubs
  • Samarbete mellan kårer (olika universitet), ex. Lundakarnevalen / Cooperations between Unions
  • Mer event för studenter / More events for students


Student pub/Party

  • Ny studentpub / New Student Pub
  • Quiz på puben / Quizzes at the Pub


  • Bra praktikplatser / Good workplace training / internship spots
  • Modern teknik till K3 / Modern technology to K3
  • More funded sport societies 
  • Synligare information / More visible information
  • Gemensamt arbete / Cooperative work


  • Rimligare priser för boenden / More reasonable prices for housing
  • Lunch i cafeet (billig) /Lunch in the café (cheap)
  • Mer tillgängligt (billigt) kursmaterial / More accessible ( cheap) course material

Study Places / Locales

  • Cafeet har öppet längre / The café is open longer


  • Sittningar för enskilda program eller fakulteter / Sittings for programs or faculties (Check out our sections!)
  • Fler studentevenemang från universitetet / More student engagement at the University
  • Bättre informations FORUM / Better information about FORUM
  • Idrott / Sports
  • Fler evenemang / More events
  • Idrottsaktiviteter / Sports events
  • Insamling av vinterkläder att ge till studenter som inte har upplevt “svensk” vinter / Collection of winter clothes to give to students who hasn’t experienced a “Swedish” winter.
  • Fler träffar för studenter / More meetups for students
  • Fler aktiviteter / More activities
  • Mer sportaktiviteter / More sports activities
  • Kareokekväll / Karaoke night (Check out the Student Pub on Fridays)
  • Aktiviteter för att träffa studenter // Activities to meet students
  • Fler finsittningar / More fancy sittings
  • Möjlighet till lagsport / Possibilities for team sports (You can get involved in our associations IF Academ)

Health and Society: 

  • Öppna på helgerna och utöka öppettiderna! / Open on the weekends and expand the opening hours!
  • Ha öppet på helger! / Be open at the weekend!
  • Ändra bokningssystemet till grupprum. Ej hälsosamt att studenterna ska vara redo kl.24 för att boka / Change the booking systme for group rooms. It is not health for students to be up and ready at midnight to book.
  • Bättre kvalitet på online föreläsningar / Better quality for online lectures
  • Ökad tillgänglighet till studieutrymmen! Ex. öppet på helgen / Increased visibility for the Study spaces. for example open on weekends.
  • Öppna biblioteket på helger snälla! / Please open the library on weekends!

Summary: Looking at the answers (both written and talking to students), we see that there is a wish to socialize and study. We can also see a wish to spread out the campus around in the city – use the city, access to green areas, events for students. Food is important and especially for the students in orkanen, the need for cheap restaurants are wished for. At HS the students were a bit more unified. Here they want more access to study materials, group rooms and especially opening HS on weekends and more hours, among others.

Cutest suggestion we got:

  • A dog for the Union

We also take this with us to the board and Union Council (FUM) when we workshops and work in the future to provide the best study time can not get. Bark bark!