Join the Student Union Malmö’s election rush! It’s time to kick off the hottest thing of the spring – the student union election! Go to between January 29 and February 18 to get in the game.

In this epic student Union Election, you can shake up the Student Union Council, or FUM as we like to call it. FUM is like the heart of the Union, and the Union in turn is the students’ union. The FUM gang meets three to four times a year to talk, brainstorm and make important decisions about the future of the Student Union and everything else that spices up student life and the university! We are looking for 19 awesome students to join the Union’s Council. All you need is to be a student at Malmö University, represent one of the faculties we are passionate about and be a proud member of the Student Union.

Try our election compass and see what kind of Student Union person you are – it’s like a personality test, but for the most awesome club at the university!

By the way, did you know that you can land a full-time assignment at the Student Union? First you need to shine in FUM and then you can aim for the stars and apply for the board. Never has it been more important to have students who are passionate about their student life and your studies, because without you there is no student union party. It’s like eating pizza without cheese – boring and not nearly as tasty.students because without students there is no Student Union. Without a Student Union, it is much more difficult for students to influence their study time and make it as good as possible for everyone. Because the truth is that without you we are nothing.

Mark these important dates in your calendar:

  • February 8: Information meeting about the candidacy
  • January 29 – February 18: Candidate as if it were the last party on earth!
  • February 29: Candidacy meeting
  • February 25: Send your best picture to
  • March 6: Promotional workshop
  • March 11-24: Voting period! Showcase yourself to the other students!

CANDIDATE NOW and make your student days legendary!