Congratulations! You are accepted to Malmö University! Welcome to your new student city Malmö!

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The Malmö Student Union is run by students for students. We always work to give you a better education and a more enjoyable student life as a student at Malmö University. We can tell you what rights you have as a student and help you if you get into trouble. We have lots of tips on how you can influence your education or what there is to do in our nice city. Do not forget that we are always on your side!

As a member of the Malmö Student Union, you can take part in our own activities such as student breakfasts, soup lunches and music pubs, but we also have 13 associations and a lot of student groups that deal with things that you are interested in. It offers lots of fun and interesting activities and fun parties. There is something for everyone. Maybe you’re a big environmental nerd, dance fan, sports fan or a big party goer? If you do not find something for you, you can always start your own student group. New this year are the sections which works similarly to an association, but for your program. If yours don’t have one yet, start one!

In addition to all this, as a member you get to take advantage of our awesome membership discounts! The more members, the better the Union’s work can be! In our premises in the Union House you get free coffee during our opening hours and then you can also come and study in Kölsvinet or in our own study rooms.

We know it can be with mixed feelings you start your study time, it is fun to start studying, move to a new city and meet new people, but we also know that it is not always easy to settle down in a new place.

Our Survival guide

As a new student, there is a lot to keep track of in the beginning of a new semester; Where will I live? What is there to do as a student in Malmö? When will the intro weeks “Insparken” begin? (autumn) Who can help me if I have problems? Don’t worry, all of these questions and many more can be answered by our fantastic Survival Guide! We have put together our essential tips to make it easier for you during your first time as a new student in Malmö. 

It may be hard to be brand new at university but we are here to help you correct! Here we have put up a checklist so that you as a new student can enter the study life as quickly as possible and correct.

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Intro weeks / Insparken (Fall only)

For new students at Malmö University, there is an Inspark! For two weeks you get lots of fun together with many other students and are introduced to our nice city the best way possible. The schedule can be found on the official Inspark website, or here at

It is also good to join Insparken’s official Facebook group.

Festmesteriet, who is one of the Student Union’s associations, throws an awesome initiation in the fall semester for all new students at Malmö University. This to give every new student a chance to meet new friends, and get to know Malmö a little bit better. The Inspark is for everyone, completely voluntary and without demeaning episodes.

As a new student, this can be the first great opportunity to get to know new people! To take part of fun and relaxed activities usually works great as an icebreaker. Insparken is for new students only and is entirely planned and executed by experienced students of the Malmö University.

Our Activities

Our reception in Kølsvinet is open Tuesday to Thursday 10-16 and Friday 10-13 (from 29th of August). You can always come get free coffee / tea, study, become a member or just talk to us at the Union.

More detailed info about our events here!

Coffee with the Union (Kaffe med Kåren)

Coffee with the Union is organized once a month at each faculty. The Student Union and your Student Ombuds are in place and you have the chance to tell us what you think needs to be improved at the university. Free coffee for everyone. 

Student Breakfast

The most important meal of the day in the form of a breakfast buffet will be yours for only 20 SEK. Breakfast is served between 9-11, every Tuesday before CSN inside Kølsvinet. Starts in September.

Soup lunch

You as a member of the Student Union Malmö get vegetarian soup incl. bread and coffee every second Wednesday at 12-13 for only 15 SEK in Kølsvinet. Starts in September.

Music Pub

Together with the Festmesteriet, we invite you to a lovely pub evening where we invite local bands and artists to play. Bring your friends, and discover new music in the Student Pub where the bar has student-friendly prizes!

Associations, sections and student groups

Besides studying you need to have some fun! Within the Student Union of Malmö there is a wide range of associations open to all members. If you do not find any association that suits you, it’s free to start a new one. Sections are like associations but for your studies.

Read more about our associations here and sections here!

Study rooms

We have six study rooms for you members equipped with its own kitchen. Free coffee and cookies always. Just swing by Kølsvinet at Bassängkajen 8 and book them. 

Step by step…

Find housing

It’s nice to have a roof over your head. Take a look at our page Housing where we have collected our best tips for those looking for accommodation in Malmö.

Search grants at CSN

Apply directly at

Join the Union

Whether you need help with a tricky teacher, finding a nightclub or knowing where to spend the lunch, we are here for you. Read more about what we offer here.
Sign up!

Obtain computer ID

Your computer identity is used throughout your study time to log on to computers, access the wireless network and it’s learning. You must order your computer identity before you can register for your course. You do it via Id Service.

Get multi-card

Your multi-card acts as a credit card, copy card and passage card. The multi-card can be obtained from Orkanen or Health and Society. More info at

Get a loan card

Because books can be an expensive part of your student budget, borrowing books can be smart and you need a loan card. Register your Multi Card as a loan card at Malmö University Library.

Buy course literature

Buy and sell used by Campusbokhandeln located at Skeppsbron 3, close to Posthusplatsen.

Fix a bike

Bike is a convenient way to get around in Malmö and also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the bus! Check out Malmö city bike bicycle auction, or sign an annual subscription to rental bicycle at

Engage yourself

Brighten your free time in one of the associations or join your area- and faculty boards and make sure your education and environment are as good as possible. Contact your student representative or read more at Get Involved!