The Union award is the Student Union Malmö’s way to motivate, inspire and reward the students of Malmö University for increased engagement outside their studies.

The award consists of a scholarship and a diploma and is meant to reward students who through their engagement outside of their studies have in some way contributed to a betterment for our university and it’s students.

This token of appreciation is handed out yearly to members of the Student Union, during a ceremony at the end of the spring semester. There are two individual scholarships worth 2500 kr each and one group scholarship.

The Union Award committee have appointed Camila Fernandez Barros and Lisa Hofmann as winners of the Student Union’s individual scholarships 2019. The scholarship consists of a sum of 2500 kr and a diploma, which will be given out during the ceremony. Huge congratulations to the both of you!

Camila Fernandez Barros

Motivation Camila:

During her study time Camila has shown enormous engagement for her fellow students. This engagement has included both short and long-term improvements for the students at Malmö University, on faculty and central level. She has been involved study-politically in several different ways and engaged herself both in the associations’ life and in the education for teacher students. In addition, Camila has been active outside of the university and Union worlds, at the ’Lärarförbundet Student’’ by starting a local organisation for the department of Malmö, where important questions, which directly concern our teacher students are discussed.

Because of her versatile engagement, we in the committee are unanimous that Camila’s Union award is well-deserved. In addition, Camila has met all the qualifying criteria for the awards. 

Lisa Hofmann

Motivation Lisa:

Lisa has dedicated a lot of her free time to volunteer work for our students’ well-being here in Malmö. As a vice president of Festmesteriet she has clear visions for how the operation of the association shall continue engaging students in diverse social activities. Another side of her engagement, which influences the student life in Malmö is Lisa’s participation in Insparken, which encourages inclusion and community for our students. In addition, she has been active in the work for student influence within the Student Union through the Student Union council and as a student representative at her faculty.

Lisa works to ensure that the students in Malmö get the best out of life outside their studies, while at the same time engaging herself in raising the quality of both the university’s and the Union’s work. The committee finds this admirable and therefore believes her Union award is well-deserved.

Qualifying criteria the Union Award committee has looked at: 

  • Has the students engagement lead to short- or long term improvementsfor a group of students at Malmö University? Further merit should be given to the student if the engagement has lead to short- or long term improvements for the entire student population.
  • Has the student been engaged within educational politicseither within Malmö University or at a national level? Examples on educational political engagement is being a student representative in the Educational Committee at one’s faculty, in the program council or within a committee on the national level, for example through SFS.
  • Has the student been engaged within study social activitieswithin or outside of Malmö University and the Student Union Malmö? Examples of study social engagement is voluntary work within the Student Union Malmö’s study social activities, engagement during the introduction weeks, within the Student Union Malmö’s associations or being a mentor through Näktergalen.
  • Has the student been engaged outside of the university- or unionworld? Merit should be given to students that through their engagement outside of academic boundries influenced students in Malmö and Malmö Studentcity positively.