High hopes for the future

The Presidium of the Student Union Malmö has high hopes for this academic year!
We are very excited to have students back on campus. Almost all the old and newly enrolled students are back in Malmö, which makes us very happy. The hallways of the University are
crowded with students to the degree that we all forgot about in the last two years. The pandemic has taken a lot from our student lives, but it seems that things are finally getting back to normal. Our premises are once again as visited as ever. During mornings the students come to Kølsvinet for Student breakfast and on Wednesday’s afternoon we have a lot of students coming for the soup lunch. We also have a lot of our members dropping in for free coffee during the day and many stay to study or relax between classes. Interacting with the students on an everyday level and in person is once more the highlight of our workday!

Even though we know many students are back,
we are aware that there are students who to this day are not able to come to
Malmö since they can not
find suitable accommodation. This is an issue which we at
the Union take very seriously
and are working hard to fix.
Milena, as the president of
the Student Union, is attending various meetings and events revolving around this topic. After Sveriges förenade studentkårer published the SFS Bostad Report 2022, where Malmö has fallen to a red marked position, this has given us leverage to discuss the topic with more stakeholders and fight for the improvement of the housing situation for students in Malmö. We will keep you posted, but know that we are working hard on this and making sure that the students’ voices are heard!

While we are all excited to be back on campus, the Student Union is aware of the difficulties the students are facing at the moment in regard to their study environment. We have received numerous complaints from the students about not having enough space in the classrooms which does not make a good study environment. Likewise, the construction works in Orkanen are directly affecting the ability of students to learn due to noise pollution obstructing classes. We are in talks with the people from the University responsible for this and are trying to fix these issues as soon as possible. Until then, we hope you will be able to receive a quality education. If this is not the case, feel free to contact us!

Back to good news! Malmö University became a part of the UNIC European University alliance which means that many new opportunities will open for Malmö University students. Various possible exchange programmes, internship opportunities and combined education between as many as 10 universities around Europe can make a great difference in your education! We will keep you posted.

Students’ learning environment

With the opening of physical classes in the University, our biggest hope is the good environment and high level of education for every single student in Malmö University. We know that during the pandemic, many students suffered due to not being able to focus on zoom and we are hoping that won’t be the case anymore. Furthermore, now that the majority of students are back on campus, we are hoping that the disciplinary errand cases will drop in numbers, as the students will be able to ask questions to their teacher more comfortably during physical classes and that the explanations of the exam/essay will be clearer to everyone.

Something we also have high hopes for is the learning environment of the students, that soon the constructions at Orkanen are going to be finished and the students will be able to work at the library without any noise pollution and that no classes will be disturbed due to it and that all students are going to be comfortable going to their classes without a fear of being misunderstood or not having a spot to sit in class, as education should be available to everyone who wants to learn.

Last term, we had quite successful Music Pub nights, with many students enjoying the various genres of music and enjoying their night. Something similar is what we at the Union are hoping for, we are hoping to get many good bands for the students at Malmö University to enjoy and also discover. Furthermore, we are hoping that our collaboration with Medborgarskolan is going to continue for many more years, and that together we will be able to achieve the best experience for both the bands but also the students, and everyone who works for this spectacular event! Hope to see you all on the 25th of November for our next music pub!

The Vibe of community

With students back on campus, we finally get the buzz going again! Because when you’re in a Zoom class and the teacher says break time, what do you do? You turn off your camera and go get a coffee. You go pet your cat. You talk to your fellow students? Not really – unless you happened to invite them all to your one-room apartment, they’re also half-asleep in bed trying to stay awake in the Zoom class. In other words, you’re missing out on talking to them in the hallway. Because you talk to the person sitting next to you in class, not the person whose face is next to you on Zoom. You talk to the people who you meet at Insparken. And what an Inspark it was! Finally completely on site again and a full two weeks! We just want to say thank you to everyone who helped make it possible, to get all of the new students an amazing experience! If you’ve never jumped in a fountain in the city

wearing an overall together with other students dressed exactly the
same, you missed out!

Luckily the fun isn’t over yet! You’ll still have plenty of opportunities to wear your overall at the student pub and during other faculty cup events – yellow may have won Insparken now at the start of the year, but which team will win the entire Faculty Cup in May, after gaining points for your team the entire year? It’s also a great opportunity to show off all of your patches. And if you didn’t get enough patches, join the associations’ events – they may give you a new patch just for joining their amazing events, and honestly, their events are something you want to be at either way. If you on the other hand miss the vibe of hanging out with your fellow students part of your team, then join your section, just for the students at your department! All of this, again possible, and we’re so happy for it. We can almost feel the hope fuming out of the chimney – that is, if the university buildings had chimneys. Someone better open a door and let all of you out, before the building bursts open with excitement. We see you all, because we hope that too, around campus and the union house!

Milena Milosavljevic
President of the Student Union Malmö

Konstantina Klonari
Vice-president of the Student Union Malmö

Diego Annys
Vice-president of the Student Union Malmö