Do you want to get active beyond your studies, discuss and drive questions you are burning for all while making new friends at the same time? – The Student Union got you!

The Student Union council (Fullmäktige) is organizing parts of their work within different committees in order to be able to  focus on working in-depth with specific questions.

Check out the list of this year’s committees and working groups and feel free to join their respective meetings if you want to get engaged in specific questions!

If you want to self-organize within a topic that we currently do not work with you can always reach out to us to discuss your ideas, run in the next election to set these topics on the agenda with the council or start your own student group or association under the Student Union Malmö!

Committee for Mental Health â€“ Matylda (

This committee is dedicated to discussing and driving questions concerning students’ mental health. You are an empathetic person that cares a lot about how people around you feel and are interested in well.being, psycho-social resilience and support for students! Then this is the committee for you!

Next Committee Meeting Mental Health:
Wednesday, 16 December, 16:00

Committee for Student Engagement â€“ Diego (

This committee deals with the broad aspects of student engagement and student life in relation to the Unions and MAUs operations. How can the Union be more visible and active in all faculties equally? How can we foster more activities and groups self-organized and driven by students for students? How can we utilize the Union’s premises and resources to be more creative and inviting? These kinds of questions and a lot more could be driven in this committee!

Next Committee Meeting Student Engagement
Wednesday, 16 December, 09:00-10:30


Note: the documents include protocols from earlier meetings. Please send in any points you want to discuss, any topics are welcome!

*Working Title* Committee for Intersectionality  (representation, diversity and inclusivity) â€“ Louise 


The Student Union is supposed to be run by students for students, but are we really reaching everyone? How can we work on being more approachable, accessible and relevant to all students, no matter their backgrounds, pre-requisites or faculties? This kind of questions will be critically reflected upon in this committee. Are you passionate about critical thinking, inclusion and representation? Then this is the right committee for you!

Next meeting: 
Thursday, 17 December, 16:00