It’s time to get together again and discuss issues related to our education.

The Local Student Council is a place to mingle among students, class representatives, course representatives and the rest of the student body.Most importantly, it is an event that is used to articulate, gather and express our opinions on the quality of our education, and everything around it (educational monitoring, learning environment, student support).

Usually, every semester, the Student Union invites students and class representatives from different programmes and courses at each faculty to the Student Council to interact and talk, in an informal way with.

Through this mandate, the Student Union has a responsibility to ensure that students’ voices are highlighted and protected at different levels within Malmö University. This includes representation of students in various management meetings and engagements. Therefore, responses from student councils are collected and presented in various university meetings and engagements.

Date and time: 30 November and 1 December 2022 from 12.00-13.00.

More information about the respective student councils for each faculty can be found on the links below:

StudentrÄd för LS
StudentrÄd för HS
StudentrÄd för KS
StudentrÄd för TS