We want to share what will be talked about at the Student Union Council meeting of March later today held at the Union house floor 3 at 16.00. All students are welcome to join and listen to the meeting where we discuss what the Union should work with in order to make your student life the best possible.

So what is on the agenda?

  • We will decide on the last remaining spot on the nomination committee
  • Begin discussion about next year’s operational plan – what should Student Union Malmö focus on 2020/2021?
  • We will shortly discuss opinion document that we want to update – the older version is from 2008! Time for some cleaning up?
  • Student complaint system at Malmö university – how is the university working on this now? What are we at the Union doing? What even is a student complaint? 
  • Rules of procedure for the Student Council. Now there is very little steering for how the meetings at the council go and we have relied heavily on praxis. This will help us build up a working structure that will make our meetings more efficient and guide the Council in taking its role as the highest decision making body at the union.
  • Student Union Sections – what is a section? For now, there is no such thing. We will discuss what a section could look like and what its purpose should be. How it could be, simply put, tying the course representatives to the union in a way that supports education monitoring – but in a fun way! Perhaps even a part of a future overalls “ovve” culture?
  • Student Union Malmö’s policies from a norm-critical perspective – the equal treatment committee has gone through all union policies and will present a suggestion on changes to make our work more accessible and safe for all students.

On top of all this, we will have information points on the following topics: equal treatment survey the Union did, follow-up on how the union board has worked on the current operational plan, new structure for our student errand report and last but not least, the resident assistants at Malmö university’s housing will present themselves and their work.