Nominate for the Union Award no later than 17.00 on 29th of April!

About Kårpriset:

During the 2017/18 working year, the Student Union Malmö sought new ways to motivate, reward and inspire Malmö University’s students to increase involvement outside their studies, both in terms of study social and educational policy involvement.

The Union Award is given out annually during the end of the spring semester to members of the Malmö Student Union at Malmö University, and consists of a total of 10,000 kr divided into two scholarships for contributions from individual students of 2,500 kr each, and a group scholarship of 5,000 kr for groups of students who have completed a joint promotional work. Each recipient of the Union Award also receives a signed diploma where the motivation for winning is written.

The award is intended to reward those students who have been involved in addition to their studies to contribute to an improvement for students at Malmö University, and may be used as the prize winners consider most appropriate. If a prize is awarded to a group of students, they are responsible for distributing or using the prize money as they see fit in the group. In connection with the winners being chosen, a prize ceremony will be held where speeches and thank-you notes for committed members will be held.

Requirements for winning:

The student who is nominated for the Student Union Malmö’s Union Award must be a member of the Student Union Malmö and has in some way through commitment in addition to their studies contributed to an improvement for students at Malmö University.Nomination to the Student Union Malmö’s union award can be made by all students at Malmö University, but the person who is nominated or nominates themselves must be a member of the Student Union Malmö.

How to nominate:

Email first and last name and email to of the nominating AND the nominee, as well as education and faculty affiliation for both parties.
Also send a text of 200-400 words that describes why the person(s) is/are nominated and why they deserve to win the Union Award.
Make sure that the nominated person wants to be nominated and is a member of the Student Union. An acceptance is also required to win. The last nomination day and deadline for completing the nomination is at 17.00 29th of April 2022.

Criteria that the jury looks at:

❏ Has the students engagement lead to short- or long term improvements for a group of students at Malmö University? Further merit should be given to the student if the engagement has lead to short- or long term improvements for the entire student population.

❏ Has the student been engaged within educational politics either within Malmö University or at a national level? Examples on educational political engagement is being a student representative in the Educational Committee at one’s faculty, in the program council or within a committee on the national level, for example through SFS.

❏ Has the student been engaged within study social activities within or outside of Malmö University and the Student Union Malmö? Examples of study social engagement is voluntary work within the Student Union Malmö’s study social activities, engagement during the introduction weeks, extraordinary work within the Student Union Malmö’s associations or sections or being a mentor through Näktergalen.❏ Has the student been engaged outside of the university- or Union world? Merit should be given to students that through their engagement outside of academic boundaries influenced students in Malmö and Malmö Student city positively.

Important dates

❏ Between 1st and 29th of April, you can nominate students for the Union Award.
❏ Friday 20th of May – a union ceremony is held and the winners are announced