As a member of the Student Union you support work by students for students. You make sure your education is reviewed and thus maintaining a high quality, as well as access to a variety of discounts and offers. The Union are always on the students side! You are always welcome to come to us with problems, ideas, tips or anything else you have at heart!

The Student Union Malmö works daily for your study time at Malmö University to be as good as possible! The Union represent you students in all the councils and bodies at Malmö University. In all decisions that apply to you as a student, the Union is included in the student perspective. As a member of the Union you will be represented in the university’s committees and bodies, receive personal support, and attend seminars, clubs and market days.

You have the opportunity to take part in your favorite activity or try new ones through our associations, offering everything from participating in the editors of Student Union Magazine as a writer or photographer, singing with the Student Choir to sporting with IF Academ. The Student Union Malmö has a total of 13 different associations that you can read more about here. If you are new to town, it’s a perfect opportunity to find new friends who share your interests! You also get student identification (Student STUK & Mecenat card) as well as local discounts and nice offers.

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